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Thread: messengerdiscovery.dll cannot be loaded

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    messengerdiscovery.dll cannot be loaded

    When i try to sign n to windows live messenger, i get the error saying: "messengerdiscovery.dll cannot be loaded." What is messengerdiscovery.dll? Can anyone fix it?

    Any help is welcome.

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    Re: messengerdiscovery.dll cannot be loaded

    It is file associated to Messenger Discovery. I think you just uninstalled messenger discovery and started getting this error. messengerdiscovery.dll is a belonging to Messenger Discovery Hooks.

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    Re: messengerdiscovery.dll cannot be loaded

    I think its kind of malware or virus. Update your antivirus and run full computer scan. Try any other antivirus, you will get some free antivirus on net like AVG Free, etc. Run CCleaner and other anti-malware and anti-adware removal applications.

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    Re: messengerdiscovery.dll cannot be loaded

    Go into your Windows Live Messenger program files in C:/ProgramFiles/Msn Messenger and then find winmm.dll and delete it. Then close your messenger and open it again and everything should work properly.

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