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Thread: Mozilla Firefox 3.0.8 Released

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    Mozilla Firefox 3.0.8 Released

    Mozilla Firefox is a free, open-source browser for Windows, Linux and MacOS X platform. It have some other advanced features such as tabbed browsing, pop-up window can be prohibited. Built-in phishing protection to change the tabbed browsing behavior, be able to re-open turn off the tag outside, and better support for web site subscriptions Preview and Subscribe, spell checking, support for JavaScript and so on.

    Download: Mozilla Firefox 3.0.8.

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    re: Mozilla Firefox 3.0.8 Released

    The link is not working and by the way I heard that it was supposed to be an updated automatically.

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    re: Mozilla Firefox 3.0.8 Released

    I remember a time when Firefox updates was carried out at a huge amount of download subsequently to break the world record breaking MS's true IT team.

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