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Thread: Backup installed program

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    Backup installed program

    Does anyone know a program to backup a game,data that is installed or to backup installed programs on my windows xp computer. so i wont be able to reinstall it.Any recommendations and suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: Backup installed program

    All the programs which you install using Synapatic package manger,apt-get,aptitude have a .Deb file in the following folder


    This is very useful when you want to check which version of package is installed on your system and you can take backup of this folder and install all the packages in another machine.

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    Re: Backup installed program

    Acronis:it backs up everything - including the operating system and will restore it to your hard drive from an external hard drive; if you buy the boxed retail version (from say Amazon) it comes with a bootable cd, allowing you to boot your pc even when the operating system has crashed. With the downloaded software, you will need to create this recovery cd by following the wizard. Other disk imaging software is available from Paragon, O&O, Norton etc

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    Re: Backup installed program

    There is no easy way to backup programs in such a way as to make for an easy reinstallation of the programs onto an existing clean installation of the OS. The easy thing you can do is create an image of the system partition and reinstall it rather than reinstall the OS, drivers and apps separately. This obviously won't work on a new system, though.

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    Re: Backup installed program

    UltraBac for Windows NT/2000/XP provides live backup of open databases, including backup to disk or tape, backup of open shared files, and SMTP messaging. Features include a backup wizard, disk-to-disk backup, locked file backup, SQL server agent, Exchange 5.5 and 2000 Agent, remote/local server agent, remote assistance and more!

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