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Thread: Rename a sub-project

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    Rename a sub-project

    Ok, I made a dumb mistake. I have a master project that has a number of sub-projects. All of the sub-projects use a common resource pool.
    I wanted to change the name of a sub-project, which I did using Windows Explorer.
    Now the master project and the resource pool show the resources for the project I renamed as being over-allocated by 100% (200% total allocation)
    How can I fix this.

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    Re: Rename a sub-project

    Check and rename either the project summary task (the link to display this can be found under Tools | options) or change the name in the properties; do this for each renamed project and then save the project. Re-open the master project, everything should be okay.

    I think this is the solution for you or I have not understood your problem properly If so, pls elaborate the problem.

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