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Thread: IE8 causes 100% CPU usage

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    IE8 causes 100% CPU usage

    Hey guys!
    I have a major issue with Windows XP SP2 and IE8... Whenever i start IE8, it makes everything freeze including mouse pointer... It stays till approx 5 min till IE8 load completes...! But i don't have this issue with IE8 when installed in Windows Vista Ultimate...!? Can anyone help me?

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    Re: IE8 causes 100% CPU usage

    What anti-virus application or security suite is installed and is your subscription up to date? Which anti-spyware applications or similar software were installed? What third-party firewall if any do you use? Were any of these applications running in the background when you installed any version of IE8?

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    Re: IE8 causes 100% CPU usage

    Did you start IE8 in No Add-ons mode? Try it out... then see what happens? Have you ever installed Norton Antivirus or McAfee antivirus? These softwares will make you loose the performance...!

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    Re: IE8 causes 100% CPU usage

    Thanks for the suggestions, but nothing helped... Running in no add-ons mode makes no difference, does not appear to be an add-on at fault. Tried running the rest application and it did not fail but IE still takes 5 minutes to load. It appears to have successfully rest all settings...!
    I'll Use Mozilla Firefox...!

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    Re: IE8 causes 100% CPU usage

    An overloaded CPU can cause 100% cpu usage. If the CPU spikes happen rarely and correct themselves quickly, don't worry about it. Such as IE or firefox browing internet, click Audio Video Interleaved (AVI), Right-Click an item in Explorer. For those of you with issues where you get 100% cpu usage on startup for a couple of minutes, the culprit is most likely windows updates. Disable that (use manual only) and your boot-ups will be much, much faster.
    But if they keep coming back or cpu usage 100% all the time and your computer run slow, you have to find out what's wrong and fix it. Maybe your computer have other problems - Registry Errors. That's because everyday computer use causes “sludge” to build-up in your Registry. This creates system errors which slow down your PC... and the more Registry errors your computer generates, the slower it gets.

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    Re: IE8 causes 100% CPU usage

    i had same problem with xp home sp3 after ie8 install: ie8 a slug to load, slow browsing and huge 100% increase in CPU usage that did not go away at all - these problems were not there before ie8 install. Task Mangaer did not tell me much other than cpu running 100%.

    Interesting that the high cpu load problem was not present in safe mode.

    Guessed it was a driver issue so i unistalled modem and driver and booted up. ie8 loaded up fast and surf net was fast. ie8 problem solved ... But, cpu still running 100%.

    Downloaded Process Explorer tool from and this showed the cpu problem was caused by System Idle Hardware Interrupts 43% and Deferred Proceedure Calls 39%. So system was tied up doing something.

    Following driver issue logic open verifier.exe (dont know if its in Vista) from Search - then clicked icon to open the tool - then scrolled through to Automatically select unsigned drivers - checked them all were pukka (all were linked to my EZ antivirus) so I enabled them - rebooted and cpu usage was back to the usual 4% - ie8 (and f/f) load up fine and problem has gone.

    Had a read of the Microsoft Knowledge base article on how to use the Driver Verifier Manager tool in xp.

    so this may be why you have no problem in Vista but a problem in xp.
    hope this helps and fix works for you too.

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