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Thread: To change format of outgoing email messages ?

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    To change format of outgoing email messages ?

    hello everyone,

    I wanted to ask how can I change the format of outgoing e-mail messages in my Microsoft Outlook Express.
    If anyone knows how to do this ... please help
    thank you

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    Re: To change format of outgoing email messages ?

    There are times when it makes sense to change the format - such as to send a bulleted list or to highlight and comment on sections of the message - its
    easier to do in html. But these are fairly rare and don't justify changing
    the format for each and every message.

    It is not about bashing any format - but generally speaking, when someone
    chooses to use a specific format there was a reason for it and the recipient
    should honor it when they reply. For example, if I send you a message from
    my blackberry it will be plain text. Your replying in HTML format is a
    pointless waste of effort as I won't see the fancy formatting on my BB.
    Fortunately, I have an unlimited data plan so the extra size of the message
    won't affect my cost - it will help to fill up my device storage.

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    Re: To change format of outgoing email messages ?

    The recommended format to use for sending email messages from Outlook 2000 is Plain Text. Messages sent as plain text are smaller in size and are more efficient to transmit across the Internet than the other formats available. Also, plain text messages will be displayed accurately by all email programs.
    The formats available for sending messages within Outlook 2000 are as follows:

    Plain text - This format does not support advanced formatting options but it can be viewed by all email programs.

    HTML - This format offers the most formatting options. It supports text formatting, numbering, bullets, alignment, horizontal lines, pictures (including backgrounds), HTML styles, and Web pages. You can also use stationery and signatures with this format. But not all email programs are capable of displaying HTML formatted messages and they are much larger in size.

    Rich Text (RTF) - This format allows you to add some text formatting, bullets, and alignment and you can also use signatures with Outlook Rich Text. It does not allow all the options of HTML format, but it can be displayed by more email programs than HTML format.

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    Re: To change format of outgoing email messages ?

    While it is possible to send messages in the different formats you should be aware of the following:
    • Not all email software can read emails in HTML or RTF format and some recipients will see the raw HTML tags.
    • A message sent in HTML format is far less efficient because it is much larger in size than a corresponding plain text message and it will also take longer for your recipient to download.

    To change/check the format used for all of the messages that you send within Outlook 2000 proceed as follows:
    1. Run Outlook 2000
    2. Select Options... from the Tool menu
    3. Next select the Mail Format tab
    4. The "Message format" part of the window displayed shows the formats available - Plain Text, Rich Text or HTML.

    Note: You may change the format for a specific message when you are creating it. In the New Message window use the options available from the Format menu.

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