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Thread: How to install msn messenger on the PS3

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    How to install msn messenger on the PS3

    I'd like to know if I can install msn on his PS3 if so how (USB, CD-RW ...).
    I searched before making this post but in other forums no one has responded.
    Thank you to those who take some time to answer me.
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    Re: How to install msn messenger on the PS3

    Method #1

    1. Open your PS3 webbrowser.

    2. Go to

    3. Login and wait the new window load with yout contacts

    Mehod #2

    1. Install Linux on your PS3

    2. Download and install Gaim package

    3. Now at Applications -> Internet -> Gaim Messenger you can start the application.

    4. Configure your MSN account (you can plus set photo and personal message)

    5. Login and enjoy!

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    Re: How to install msn messenger on the PS3

    Linux is a free operating system for PC's Some Gaming Consoles (Including the ps3) And is a favorite among hackers!

    But you cannot download MSN messenger to the ps3 legally...sorry...your would need modifications and they would Void Your Warranty (V.Y.W as some call it) And it still might not works

    MSN Messenger is made for WINDOWS and that is from MICROSOFT Sonys Rival for about 8 years now

    BUT if you want to take the risk look it up in google and search for
    "MSN Messenger on PS3"

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    Re: How to install msn messenger on the PS3 or may work I don't have a PS3 so can't test it. The other possible way is to install linux and use one of the messenger programs (Kopete or Pidgin) from there.

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