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Thread: Missing Hal.dll?

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    Missing Hal.dll?

    My PC does not start any more and one message is posted: “...... the following file missing or is damaged: < root Windows> \ sustem32 \ hal.dll please reinstall a copy of the file above” help me and thank you in advance

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    Re: Missing Hal.dll?

    You have syphilitic your file boot.ini

    Did you try to install another OS or to reinstall Windows?

    Publish here your Boot.ini which is normally in the root of your partition system.

    You can also see it by Demurrer, to carry out: MSCONFIG and you have a Boot.ini

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    Re: Missing Hal.dll?

    you know the screen is black only it posts the message indicated. the PC does not supplement the demarage and how I can see start and I cannot make an " imports step

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    Re: Missing Hal.dll?

    To solve this problem, start the computer starting from the CD-ROM Windows XP,
    start the Console of recovery, then use the Bootcfg.exe tool to regenerate the Boot.ini file.

    For that, proceed as follows:
    1. Configure Bios to start starting from the reader of CD-ROM.
    2. Insert the CD-ROM Windows XP in the reader of CD-ROM, then start again the computer.
    3. When the message “Press on any key to start of the CD-ROM” posts itself,
    press on an unspecified key in order to start the computer starting from the CD-ROM Windows XP.
    4. When the message “Welcome” is posted, press on R to start the console of recovery.
    5. If you have a computer with double starting or multiple starting, choose the installation to which you must reach starting from the console of recovery.
    6. When you are invited there, type the password of the administrator, then press on ENTRY.
    If not password validate
    7. To invites orders, type bootcfg /list, then press on ENTRY.
    The entries in your current Boot.ini file are posted with the screen.
    8. To invites orders, type bootcfg /rebuild, then press on ENTRY.
    This order seeks on the hard drives of the computer of the installations of Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows NT, then posts the results.
    Follow the instructions which are posted with the screen to add the installations of Windows to the Boot.ini file.
    For example, follow these stages to add an installation Windows XP to the Boot.ini file:
    a. When a message similar to this one is posted, support on Y:
    Many installations of Windows recognized: 1

    [1] C:\Windows
    To add the installation to the list of the options of starting? (Yes/Not/All)

    b. A message similar to the following is posted:
    “Enter the identifier of loading”
    It is the name of the operating system.
    When this message is posted, type the name of your operating system, it is Microsoft Windows XP Professionnel or Microsoft Windows XP Édition family, then press on ENTRY.

    c. The system posts a message similar to the following:
    “Enter the options of loading of the operating system”
    type /fastdetect, then press on ENTRY.

    9. Type exit, then press on ENTRY to leave the console of recovery.
    Your computer starts again and the list of startings updated is posted:
    “Choose the operating system to be started”.

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