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Thread: Remove WksCal.exe and Wkcalrem

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    Remove WksCal.exe and Wkcalrem

    Hi people,
    I have desktop running vista. When using certain applications WksCal.exe and Wkcalrem each consume about 98% of the CPU. I use MS Works 2000 and Works Calendar is part of this. I don't know how to uninstall or remove it. Anyone have any idea about it?

    All suggestions are accepted.

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    Re: Remove WksCal.exe and Wkcalrem

    Wkcalrem.exe is the scoop on Works Calender Reminde as it pertains to computer network security. The process known as wkcalrem.exe will display popup reminders of tasks that you have entered into Microsoft Works. If you use the reminder feature of MsWorks, you should leave this process running. Oherwise, it can be terminated to free up system resources. wkcalrem.exe is an application that does NOT appear to be a security risk. The Process Server database currently registers wkcalrem.exe to Microsoft.

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    Re: Remove WksCal.exe and Wkcalrem

    wkscal.exe is not a dangerous component. You can run free scan for related errors:

    For wkcalrem.exe:

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    Re: Remove WksCal.exe and Wkcalrem

    wkscal.exe is an application relating to Microsoft Work Suite. This is the Works Calendar which allows you to schedule meetings and other dates and times of significance. "This program is a non-essential system process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.

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