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Thread: How to create password protect RAR files

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    How to create password protect RAR files

    I have a group of large files that need to be sent to a client, I want to compress it into one single file for easy access or even protect its content from outsiders with a password. But i don't know how to do it in winrar.

    please help me!!

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    Re: How to create password protect RAR files

    You need to set the password at the same time as you create the archive.

    Add the files to the archive and then click on Advanced-->Set Password.

    If you just type a password in, you will be able to see what is inside the archive without knowing the password (but you won't be able to extract the files).

    But if you also tick the "Encrypt file names" box, you won't be able to see what's inside the archive unless you enter the password first.

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    Re: How to create password protect RAR files

    Rar files have 128 bit encryption which is extremely difficult to break. There are two types of password protection in rar archives.

    You cannot open the rar archive without the password, hence cannot even view the contents or individual files without the password.

    Here you can set the password in two ways.

    • Set password will be in asterisks. You cannot see the set password, hence you will need to enter it twice for confirmation.
    • For this just enter the password you want to set twice.
    • Set password can be seen, hence it needs to be entered only once.
    • For this Tick "Show password" and enter the password you want to set only once.
    • Press "OK". You will return to the following window.
    • Click "Finish". Your password protected rar archive will be created in your Desktop.

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