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Thread: XP Internet Drivers

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    XP Internet Drivers

    I am using an HP Pavilion 4450 (old!) and I just changed out the 6GB hard drive with an 80GB. The 80GB had a previously installed Windows 98 OS and I upgraded it to Windows XP Home. However, apparantly it erased the internet drivers because now the computer does not "see" the internet modem. In the Device Manager under the Other Devices (which has the yellow question mark next to it) there are two drivers listed: PCI Simple Communications Controller, and TI RNDIS Network Adapter, both of which show up as "Not Working." My question is, will XP Service Pack 3 install these drivers? If not, how can I get these drivers? Thanks!

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    Re: XP Internet Drivers

    Mostly xp auto detects driver for hardware also if you going for xp service pack 3 , i think that will save your effort for driver..or try to get from online web

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    Re: XP Internet Drivers

    I think your hardware is not compatible with the version of your Windows.
    In that case, you need to upgrade the device driver.

    1. Log on to your computer as an administrator.
    2. Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Manage.
    3. Under System Tools, click Device Manager.
    4. In the right pane, expand a category to find the hardware you need to update. The name shown in Device Manager identifies your computer hardware

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