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Thread: "msnmsgr.exe - no disk" error on Windows 7

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    "msnmsgr.exe - no disk" error on Windows 7


    I'm using windows 7 beta here. and getting this error "error: msnmsgr.exe - No Disk" . Any solution to this problem. Or this is the bug of windows 7? i think It can be a bug because still it is in beta version. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: WIndows 7 "msnmsgr.exe - no disk" error

    You should try uninstalling WLM and then reinstalling it and see if that works, if not then send feed back to Microsoft.

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    Re: WIndows 7 "msnmsgr.exe - no disk" error

    If so then MSNMessenger is remembering that and looking for the drive / CD. Clearing the recent files list should fix this. Sysfader is a system component which provides cool animation effects and popup dialog boxes on system failure.
    I would disable this "cool effect" and use normal opening and closing of windows instead of the fading .

    To get rid of this problem all you need to do is this:

    • Press Windows Flag (Windows Key) + Pause break key. If you don't have the Windows key (most keyboards should have this - right beside the Alt key) just right click on My Computer and click Properties.

    • Go to the 'Advanced' tab

    • Under 'Performance' click on 'Settings'

    • Under the 'Visual Effects' tab uncheck the first four check boxes

    • These 4 boxes are "Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing", "Fade or slide menus into view", "Fade of slide ToolTips into view" and "Fade out menu items after clicking". Please note that if you are running other localizations of Windows XP (for example Windows XP Portugese) you have to find the options that somewhat describe the options mentioned above, since they might not be the first 4 options.

    • To make your computer even more faster, uncheck other checkboxes for the effects that you feel you can live without, for example "Slide taskbar buttons" etc...

    • If you like your Windows XP theme the way it is don't uncheck the last option that says "Use visual styles on windows and buttons". I also recommend you leave the "smooth edges of screen fonts" and "Use common tasks in folders" options unchecked"

    • If you don't use a wallpaper then I recommend you also uncheck "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop"

    • Click on 'OK'

    After doing this the problem with sysfader should instantly go away (hopefully). And your computer is going to become much more faster without those annoying (at least I find it annoying) effects slowing it down. Please read other articles on how to make windows xp faster if you want to make your computer faster, and get rid of other .exe errors with windows that seem to happen oh so frequently.

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    Re: "msnmsgr.exe - no disk" error on Windows 7

    Refer this threads :
    msn error
    try the possible solutions here. Good luck
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