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Thread: How to Configure Spybot in Windows Vista ?

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    How to Configure Spybot in Windows Vista ?

    Hello ,
    I Need your Advice for Using Spybot. I recently Installed it. My problem is that when I run it for the first time, and Click on immunization it tells me I do not have the right and Second problem is that it does not immunize a certain module like IE (Interet explorer) Although I use firefox but I also kept IE. So can Anyone please help Me solve this Problem Thanks for your Help

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    Re: How to Configure Spybot in Windows Vista ?

    You right click on the icon for Spybot S & D Properties, Compatibility tab and bottom notches before you: Run this program as administrator
    It should work.

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    Re: How to Configure Spybot in Windows Vista ?

    Configure Spybot Search & Destroy

    These instructions explain how to configure and use Spybot Search & Destroy.

    1. Double-click on the Spybot Search & Destroy icon on your desktop (or select it from the Start menu).

    2. The first screen is a prompt that tells you that some programs may not run properly or may be violating the license agreements if you remove the advertisement portions of their software. If you have downloaded games or instant messengers from the Internet, you may want to view the licensing of those items before removing the advertisement portions of that software. Click OK to continue.

    3. Next, the setup will begin. The first screen in this setup asks if you wish to create a registry backup. This backup can be used to restore items that you remove using Spybot. However, this can take a long time, and you could be backing up an already-corrupted registry. It is recommended that you simply click Next to bypass the backup registry section.

    4. On the next screen, click the Search for updates button.

    5. On the next screen, click the Download all available updates button.

    6. The updates will download and install and then return you to the Legal Stuff screen. Click OK.

    7. You will then be taken to the main program screen. Click the Immunize button on the left navigation bar.

    8. You should receive a Warning message that zero items are blocked. Click OK.

    9. Next click the Immunize button next to the green plus symbol (+).
      You will not receive any confirmation that what you have done was successful. However, during the "immunization," you will not be able to choose any other options.

    10. Once the "immunization" is complete, you can choose Search & Destroy in the left navigation bar.

    11. Click the Check for problems button.

    12. Spybot will then scan the machine for known Spyware instances.
    13. When complete, you will notice that the menu options change. Click the Fix selected problems button.
      The results of the scan will vary per machine. Most machines will get at least "Alexa Related" This particular item will show as fixed but will return upon the next scan as this is a Windows component that will replace itself after fixing.

    14. When the items have been removed or repaired, you will be notified that the fix is complete.
      You may receive a message that some items could not be fixed because they are still in use or remaining in memory.This message will also ask if you wish to run Spybot when you restart your machine so that it can scan before the items are activated. Choose Yes.

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    Re: How to Configure Spybot in Windows Vista ?

    Configuring Spybot to check Automatically

    NOTE: These steps will tell Spybot to check on a weekly basis.

    1. Spybot should be open. From the Mode menu, Advanced mode should be checked. If not, then select Advanced mode and in the warning message, click Yes.
    2. Click the Maximize button on the Spybot window or grab the corner of the window and drag to make it larger so that no scroll bar appears.
    3. On the left, click the Settings tab.
    4. Click the Scheduler button. At the top of the screen, click the Add button.
    5. Wait for the Scheduler Settings to appear. This may take from 5 - 30 seconds.
    6. Check the "Fix problems after scheduled scan" choice. You may check the "Close program after finishing schedule" if desired.
    7. Click the Edit button at the top of the window.
    8. Click the Task tab. In the bottom left, be sure that the Enabled... check box is checked.
    9. In the "Run as:" or "Enter the user name" field, enter whatever username you used to login to the computer. Note: This may already be filled in. If your computer is part of a Domain, enter the Domain followed by a backslash and your username. Ex: WIN\vcv1
    10. Click the Set password button. Enter your password twice. Click OK. Click Apply.
    11. Click the Schedule tab. Click New.
    12. Under the Schedule Task drop-down list, choose Weekly.
    13. Edit the Start Time field to run the task when you desire. Ex: change 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
    14. Click Apply.
    15. Select a Day to run the task. If not scanning on Monday, UN-check Mon. Place a check by the day of the week of your choice. The computer will need to be ON for the scan to occur.
    16. Click Apply.
    17. Click OK to close the Scheduled Task window. Exit Spybot.
    18. To test if it will run at this time, Click on the Start button and then choose Control Panel. Open the Scheduled Tasks control panel. Right Click on Spybot - Search & Destroy - Scheduled Task and choose Run.
    19. Spybot should load, check for updates, and begin to run a check. If it does, click Stop Check.

      NOTE: If the task doesn't run, double click on the scheduled task in the Scheduled Tasks control panel and verify the settings, especially the username and password.
    20. Spybot will open. You will see a "User Abort! Scan was not completed successfully." message. This may be ignored. The test of the Scheduled Task did succeed.
    21. Exit Spybot.

    NOTE: In Windows XP, Spybot keeps logs of its checks and fixes here: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Spybot - Search & Destroy\Logs

    NOTE: Spybot is now configured. You may stop here. The remaining steps of the How To may be used when removing spyware or for troubleshooting Spybot.

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