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Thread: Can't update VIA USB 2.0 drivers

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    Can't update VIA USB 2.0 drivers

    my problem: I want to update my VIA USB 2.0 drivers. on the site drivers are available,the drivers: Via Driver USB 2.0 (WHQL drivers 2.70P).
    Manufacturer: VIA | INF: usb2via.inf | Class: usb | Version: 4.90.3000.10 | Date: 26/09/2003 | Date of publication: 03/10/2005

    hope,The installation runs without any problems, I reboot the pc. Then I rescan my drivers on the site, and I always said that I have these drivers here: Manufacturer: VIA Technologies, Inc. | INF: usbport.inf | Class: usb | Version: 5.1.2600.0 | Date: 01/06/2002

    And I once again and the same version 2.70P WHQL drivers. You will notice that the date does not stick at all, and that it is as if the pilots had not been applied.

    In short, do any of you have heard of any bugs with these drivers? Or is there a fix? And finally, does anyone have a solution to offer me?

    Some details on my configuration:
    - Motherboard Asus P5VD2-VM
    - Bios correctly configured
    - Windows XP Professional updated with Service Pack 3
    - I disable all applications including antivirus / antispyware when I update the drivers
    - No other problems to report on other drivers.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Re: Can't update VIA USB 2.0 drivers

    Driver support for VIA USB 2.0 controllers requires Windows XP SP1 (Service Pack 1), Windows 2000 SP4, or system upgrade through Windows Update. you can contact your motherboard manufacturer or the manufacturer of the USB 2.0 PCI card if you have misplaced their driver CD.

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    Re: Can't update VIA USB 2.0 drivers

    I have exactly the same problem with my USB ports. 2.70 via this driver does not install. I restarted the computer and the website tells me all the drivers that this is not always up to date. I formatted my pc, I switched from windows xp sp2 to sp3, but no change.

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    Re: Can't update VIA USB 2.0 drivers

    The VIA USB Enhanced Host Controller is the USB2.0 is not as USB 2.0, that is for Intel and other chipsets.Try to disconnect all USB devices and uninstalling all USB controllers.then restart Windows install the drivers again. a PS/2 mouse or keyboard is required if you have a logon, USB devices not work without reinsatallation of drivers.

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    Re: Can't update VIA USB 2.0 drivers

    Try to Exchange the drive and new drive will be work.In closing, XP doesn not support USB 2.0.XP SP1 added USB 2.0 support but CHKDSK failed on USB 2.0 drives for us.i ahd the same problem XP SP2 fixed the upgrade issue.

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