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Thread: AMD Overdrive On Windows 7

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    AMD Overdrive On Windows 7

    Hello, I recently installed the beta version of windows 7 and tried to run Amd Overdrive but the it does worked out. everytime i try to Run it keep giving me follwing error message that "The operating system not suitable to run AMD OverDrive" is there any incompatibility between them. thanks for your suggestion

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    Re: AMD Overdrive On Windows 7


    First reason would that windows 7 is a beta version. The second try it out with the compatibility mode for all users. Thirdly, I hope for you that your hardware is not sent to Nirvana because I would never operate such programs on a beta version.

    Hope it help you.

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    Re: AMD Overdrive On Windows 7

    You can try this compatibilty fix find it on amd forums You can use AMD Overdrive successfully in Windows 7! The link below is a copy of AMD Overdrive (2.15) that has been extracted from the installer package. Just copy the files over to the relevant folders and the program will run perfectly. It seems to run without copying over any of the windows folders so that step may not be necessary.There doesn't seem to be any compatibility issues beyond the superficial ones imposed by the installer.

    Use this at your own risk... AMD has NOT officially released AOD for Windows 7 so this may have unexpected consequences. I take no responsibility for issues that may occur as a result of using AOD in Windows 7.

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    Re: AMD Overdrive On Windows 7

    If you copy the the program files and folder it will never solve the problem of needing to install the msi file (which still won't work because it's incompatible).

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    Re: AMD Overdrive On Windows 7

    AMD Overdrive 3.0.2 works fine in Windows 7 RTM. You can find it at
    You must ste your energy profile at max.
    An interesting program is AMD Power Monitor that lets you see if energy is at max and if freq has changed.
    I have a Phenom 9850 Black edition that normally runs at 2500 MHZ. I can easely run at 2800 MHz although the processer gets hotter. Good luck

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