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Thread: MP3 file does not open

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    MP3 file does not open

    Good evening,

    I can not open an MP3 file with WMP With others it works.

    A message says the file has an extension that is not consistent with the format! I do not understand

    Can you clarify my lantern? and how?

    Thank you

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    Re: MP3 file does not open

    Besides it is protected (rare) are you sure it is an mp3? (to see, you have to uncheck ---> My Computer ---> Tools ---> Folder Options ---> display, then go in advanced settings, uncheck the option "hide file extension whose type is known.

    After-yes you can tell us if it is really the MPEG Layer III

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    Re: MP3 file does not open

    thank you for your reply. This file is not protected, I did what you told me but it still does not work.

    I also right click and ownership of this file and is written in the type: MP3 audio file

    Is the problem codecs?

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