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Thread: Yahoo voice chat problem

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    Yahoo voice chat problem

    I have windows Xp installed & I use yahoo messenger for chat purpose.
    The problem is i get an error message when I want to use voice chat program. It says that there is problem with my audio mixer.
    yahoo! voice chat error: mixer error.
    Anyone knows how to fix it?

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    Re: Yahoo voice chat problem

    Check if your audio drivers are working properly.
    Do you hear music out of your normal speakers? Are you able to record audio via your mic?
    If yes then you need to reinstall yahoo messenger. Try fresh yahoo messenger available on the net.

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    Re: Yahoo voice chat problem

    1. i tried to chat on yahoo messenger ,web cam is working but voice comn is not possible .
    2. my mic works in XP for voice recording but not on messenger
    3. message displayed is- voice error, your computers sound mixer could not be initialised .
    4. in messenger iím using connection firewall with no proxies.

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    Re: Yahoo voice chat problem

    This errors seems to be with people using RealTek High Definition Sound 6 to 8 channel I have the same Problem I have checked every thing there is and Have not found a fix as of Yet! every thing to even trying different updated drivers. I don't think Yahoo Voice servers reconsie it but I am trying it on another Machine here at the same time with the same type of sound on Both a MSI board and a Gigabyte board Pro series.

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    Re: Yahoo voice chat problem

    That could be a "SoundMax" sound "card"...
    Give Everest a try, maybe it can say for sure...

    Did you have a look at the HP drivers?
    What model is your comp?
    "HP Pavillion Intel", yes but there should be a number, I think..

    Seems most soundmax drivers go through the PC manufacturers site, so well need specifics to find the right ones..

    All this is in hope that your problem is related to the drivers..
    Good to update them anyway..

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