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Thread: Download Tweak UI 2.10

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    Download Tweak UI 2.10

    Even within the Windows development team, a small group rampant irresistible to the origin of the famous PowerToys. Tweak UI PowerToy is probably the most acclaimed and most interesting. Using this software, completely free, you have access to a multitude of settings you can change a lot of settings that Windows does not default access. It is possible to hide the arrows appear on the shortcut, disable the beep in case of error, change the speed of onset menu, activate the X-Mouse (to activate a window just by putting the cursor on the title bar), change the background of the toolbars in Internet Explorer, and more. Note that Tweak UI 2.10 only works with Windows XP (Service Pack 1) and Windows Server 2003. Users of Windows 9x, Me and Windows NT will have to settle for version 1.33.

    Tweak UI is a software for all power users who wish to fully customize their Windows. The free software equivalent of shareware fee and one can only draw a Hats off to Microsoft for the software more useful. We regret only that Microsoft has not yet incorporated into its star.

    Download Tweak UI 2.10

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    Re: Download Tweak UI 2.10

    Too bad that it does not support Windows Vista.

    Given on the forums of MSDN, Microsoft said it will not release next version compatible with Windows Vista, and this is very sad. Now that the vital need to have absolutely no longer available for the latest Windows, I wonder if I'm not going to move to Linux ...

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    Re: Download Tweak UI 2.10

    See the workarounds for this power tool to work on Windows Vista: Tweak UI Power toys in Vista

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