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Thread: MS Word dialog box- how to minimize?

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    MS Word dialog box- how to minimize?

    Somehow I seem to have maximized my open / save as / save window. So instead of it opening in a nice smaller sized window it now opens full screen.

    How do I resolve this?


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    Re: MS Word dialog box- how to minimize?

    You mean you have maximized the MS Word window, so you can minimize it or restore it by clicking on the same button again.

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    Re: MS Word dialog box- how to minimize?

    That is a very funny problem and that has a very simple solution

    When 'open / save as / save' window appears, just double-click on the uppermost part of that screen (that has written open or save as or save on the blue bar). This will restore the window size to small.

    Double clicking on that part of any window screen resizes the screen to full size/small size.

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