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Thread: Kiwix 0.5 - The Wikipedia offline browser

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    Kiwix 0.5 - The Wikipedia offline browser

    Anyone who likes to learn is very close knowledge, Confucius said, and in modern times, knowledge is only a few mouse clicks. The initiative Wikipedia, founded in January 2001, is today a reference encyclopedia available in hundreds of languages. Did you know that for some time, you can also make wherever you want and access without Internet connection?

    In fact, the project that works the French Pascal Martin. Kiwix is a program from which you can download and browse the contents of different encyclopedias of the Wikimedia Foundation namely: Wikibooks, Wikipedia, Wikiquote, Wikisource or Wiktionary. Only images fail to appeal, they were removed to alleviate the contents. However, the search engine Wikiwix, also developed by the same team and available here, has been integrated.

    However, one could still wonder how the items are updated. In this regard, Pascal Martin explains: "we are working, indeed the generation of files that allow the software running smoothly requires a month of calculation, as we have changes in real time on Wikipedia with our search engine Wikimix on all projects, it is easy to perform the update file data rather than a long download.

    Thereafter, Mr. Martin intends to use some partners to offer USB sticks and DVDs on which the content of sites WikiMedia be preinstalled. Also, other similar projects could see the day including a version available offline documentation of or distributions of Linux project partners as Fedora and Ubuntu.

    To download Kiwix :
    For windows
    For mac
    For linux

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    Re: Kiwix 0.5 - The Wikipedia offline browser

    Excellent initiative.
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    Re: Kiwix 0.5 - The Wikipedia offline browser

    yes, good initiative against it by downloading about 1.4gb (version en) en http.
    it must draw on wikipedia servers!

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    Re: Kiwix 0.5 - The Wikipedia offline browser

    It might be nice for schools / libraries that do not necessarily have internet access on any PC (or when they are limited).

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    Re: Kiwix 0.5 - The Wikipedia offline browser

    Excellent! Access to such a great source of information is very useful offline.

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