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Thread: Firefox 3.0.4 bug

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    Firefox 3.0.4 bug

    Firefox 3.0.4 has turned my favorites and refuses to take into account my home page (D: \ ... \ mapage.htm). When I click on a link in an email in Thunderbird, I am entitled to a blank page. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox also. Same result. First time that I have a real concern with a version of Firefox. Am I alone or someone else has this problem?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Firefox 3.0.4 bug

    Have you tried updating your firefox version? Firefox 3.0.4 and Firefox Latest Updates Available For Download

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    Re: Firefox 3.0.4 bug

    Try the following method:
    Starts Firefox with its option without failure (Firefox-safemode)

    If it is not enough:
    - Uninstall Firefox by add or delete programs
    - Manually clean all that concerns Mozilla in Documents and Settings (careful not to touch Thunderbird)
    - Clean all registry via CCleaner
    - Make a stop / revival of the PC and reinstalls

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    Re: Firefox 3.0.4 bug

    It can be an extension that creates the problem. To check, start FF in Safe Mode.
    Or else try to create a new profile.

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