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Thread: StarForce on Linux

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    StarForce on Linux

    I 've the one question.
    An Linux (OpenSuse 10.3) the StarForce drivers to install?
    I've Wine with Worms 4 Mayhem installed, but each time when I start Worms now, it requires a restart of the system, but nothing brings.

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    Re: StarForce on Linux

    OpenSUSE 10.2 on the hats, according to this list yet easily folded. Maybe it with the new 10.3 no longer goes. However, there is a bug with the StarForce copy protection under Wine related, may be the now occurs to you. Worms Try again to uninstall and reinstall again, maybe work at the 2nd Start.

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    Re: StarForce on Linux

    Tried but didn't helped me !! any other suggestion?

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