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Thread: How to Do a Mail Merge in Microsoft Word & Open Office

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    How to Do a Mail Merge in Microsoft Word & Open Office

    how we can create a mail Merge with Word and Excel ?
    can any one help give me some tips or advice ?

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    Re: How to Do a Mail Merge in Microsoft Word & Open Office

    1. First, ensure you have the Excel workbook where you have all the address data securely saved and accessible, although, you don’t need to have it open to create the mail merge. Open Microsoft Word 2007 and go to Mailings>Start Mail Merge>Step by Step Mail Wizard, and the “Step by Step Mail Merge” wizard will open up to the right hand side of your screen.

    2. Under “Select document type,” click on “Letters” and hit “Next: Starting Document” to move to next step. Next, click on “create mail merge from the current Word document” and you also have the option to click on “from another existing word document.” And hit “Next: Select Recipients” and click on “Use an Existing List Option” - now we’re going to search for the Excel Workbook with the Address information. Hit Browse and you will see the “Select Data Source” pop window box.

    3. Next, look through the options and when you find the Excel file with the address information, click it to select it. Now the “Select Table” pop up window box appears, and in here click on the specific Excel sheet or range that has the address information, and click OK to move to the next step.

    4. Now you will see the list of the mail merge addresses. Delete the check marks from any piece of data that you don’t want to include and hit OK. And click “Next: Write your letter” to move to the following step.

    5. In this step, go ahead and actually write the standard letter and leave blank the areas that you want to insert from the Excel file – in this case, the addresses data. Once you’re done writing the letter, then look to the right of your screen and you will see five options where you can insert information – the five main options are: Address block, Greeting Line, Electronic Postage, Postal Bar Code and More Items. For the purpose of this tutorial, click on “More Items” so that the “Insert Merge Field” pop up window box appears. In here, click the option you want and hit the “Insert” button.

    6. Finally, click on “Next: Preview your letter” to view a sample of the document with the first address from the Excel file. Review it and if it looks OK, click on “Next: Complete the merge.” Your form letters will be created and ready to be printed.

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    Re: How to Do a Mail Merge in Microsoft Word & Open Office

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