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Thread: Burn ISO on an SD card

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    Burn ISO on an SD card


    After peeling some forums Still no solution.

    I know how to "burn" an ISO image on an SD card and then make it bootable.

    I tried to format it stupidly and copy and paste the contents of ISO above, but it does not work.

    For info, is to put a picture of Hiren's on an SD card to boot an EEEpc which has no CD player. The boot SD is possible.

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    Re: Burn ISO on an SD card

    it must already set the bios to boot on removable devices, and I doubt that it works because I've never bios indicating a card reader as boot option

    best is a U3 smart drive with a mod of the boot partition or you can try using a card reader USB SD .

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    Re: Burn ISO on an SD card

    I think it is not ISO but it must put its content, so you should rather "foolishly" copy the entire CD at the root of the SD card without image

    after the boot itself, we need actually that the BIOS allows you to select your card reader and it is not so sure

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