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Thread: Unknown Device Problem

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    Unknown Device Problem

    HI,this is edalene.
    for long time i had an UNKNOWN DEVICE in device manager.
    can anyone pls help me out.

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    For Identifying unknown devices you can use Unknown Device Identifier.

    Unknown Device Identifier enables you to identify the yellow question mark labeled Unknown Devices in Device Manager. And reports you a detailed summary for the manufacturer name, OEM name, device type, device model and even the exact name of the unknown devices. With the collected information, you might contact your hardware manufacturer for support or search the Internet for the corresponding driver with a simple click. With this utility, you might immediately convert your unidentified unknown devices into identified known devices and find proper driver on the Internet and contact the hardware device manufacturer or vender. Known devices recognized by Microsoft Windows will also be analyzed independent of the operating system.

    1. - Identify USB 1.1/2.0 Device
    2. - Identify IEEE 1394 Device
    3. - Identify ISA Plug&Play Device
    4. - Identify AGP Bus Device
    5. - Identify PCI, PCI-E Device
    6. - Multilingual interface: English, French
    7. - Find Drivers for Hardware Devices
    8. - Contact Hardware Vender directly
    9. - Save or Print Hardware information


    here is the download link.

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