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Thread: Super Ultra Compressor - Compress 1 Gb to 1MB

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    Super Ultra Compressor - Compress 1 Gb to 1MB

    Super Ultra Compressor - UHARC

    UHarc is a solid, high-compression 386+ DOS and Windows file archiver with multimedia support. It is written by Uwe Herklotz and is available in binary form, free only for non-commercial use.

    Compressing works in MS-DOS which allows compressions similar to those CDs that are a window installed cd but you eat a band of space.

    Some Characteristics :

    * User friendly and modern interface, as commercial software
    * Shell Context Menu to speed up archives management
    * SFX GUI for UHA archives
    * Translation Engine to be really user friendly
    * Freeware for non commercial use, as UHAR

    Successful tests:
    C & C Renegade: 1.7GB compressed to 173MB:
    WORM 4: compressed 1.4GB to 230MB:

    Download : Softpedia

    I hope you serve s friends, until another

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    It's a great contribution.

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    Great job man!
    Interested to know if this really works!

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