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Thread: Firefox 3.0.3 to fix bug in password manager

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    Firefox 3.0.3 to fix bug in password manager

    It will not past three days between the release of Firefox 3.0.2 and a new update, stamped 3.0.3, published last Friday in order to correct a malfunction affecting the Supervisor password integrated browser. Some users have indeed seen with Firefox 3.0.2 it was suggested to safeguard their passwords and they could not access those who had already been registered by the browser.

    Appearing with Firefox 3.0.2, this dysfunction was caused by amendments to the Supervisor password in order to make it compatible with "international domain names which are likely to include characters from languages like the Hebrew, Arabic or Russian. The setting day in 3.0.3 should allow everyone to solve the problem, and passwords that were stored in memory return to accessible.

    Firefox 3.0.3 can be accessed directly via the automatic update software, but can also be downloaded from our software for Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Download Firefox 3.0.3

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    I am rather disappointed firefox, safari which I discovered not long ago is great infact.

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    Good for you: neutral:
    As long as you use a browser that complies with the standards, chose the one that suits you best. And on this point, Safari is excellent.

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    I admit that since I tested Opera, and google chromium which is absolutely the kind of browser I was looking for.

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