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Thread: Drivers for Via VT6307 for Windows XP prof.

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    Drivers for Via VT6307 for Windows XP prof.

    Hello fellas,
    I am looking for the drivers of Via VT6307 of Via Technologies. I used Via VT6307 1394 card and my motherboard is ASUS P5K SE. When I am recording on firewire audio interface (M-audio project Mix IO), there're always pops and clicks noise happen on recorded track. Audio Playback is OK and that noise only happen on recording.

    So, please help me how can I solve that problem? Is there anywhere can I update driver for VT6307?

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    I found this site where you can download drivers for Via VT6307

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    More info about Via VT6307 driver:

    Driver name: Via VT6307
    Device type: Bios Motherboard
    Manufacturer: Via Technologies
    Date: 02 August 2007
    Version: 1.5.3

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    biohazard 76 hi I also have the same problem if your able to solve a problem I'd like to have the solution I have an M Audio ProFire 26 26 I even changed the PCI firewire its not work

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