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Thread: Invalid Win32 Application

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    Invalid Win32 Application

    I thought to be infected by a virus or worm, I can not get out.
    The symptoms:

    --The first symptom was cancelling my wifi card. By finding on the forum that came, I tried to download a fix, but not succeeded to execute (win32 application invalid). Currently I play with the registry to reactivate with HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Ndisuio\start=3

    -- When I try to launch some applications (including avast) an error appears: win32 application invalid. Thinking to be infected by one (or several) Virus / Worm, I tried to download several Fix (combofix, f-bagle, Fxbeagle, antiBagle), I unfortunately can not run: win32 application invalid even a pop up is indicating to closure programme following the problem.

    -- IE also makes its own launches, and it blocks altogether.

    -- I wanted to make scan online, but unfortunately like most is with IE (which blocks), it does not work.

    So much for the small summary ...
    If someone has ideas, please help me.
    Thank you

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    Q: How do I resolve error: invalid Win32 application when installing a product?

    ERROR: "Invalid win32 application"
    CAUSE: The download of the installation file did not complete.


    1. Locate .exe (EX: ARTBeat_palmwin.exe or ARTBeat_ce.exe) on your desktop and delete it.
    2. Open Internet Explorer
    3. Go to Tools | Internet Options
    4. Delete temporary internet files
    5. Click OK
    6. Close all Internet Explorer windows
    7. Reopen Internet Explorer
    8. Download the Skyscape Product again
    9. Save the file to your desktop. Please add your initials to the beginning of the filename (ex: JSArtbeat_palmwin.exe).
    10. Once the save is complete, locate the .exe (ex: JSartbeat_palmwin.exe)
    11. Double click on the .exe (ex:JSartbeat_palmwin.exe) file and follow the installation steps on your destkop pc.


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