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Thread: Youtube video problem in Firefox browser

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    Youtube video problem in Firefox browser

    This has been going on for quite some time and is really starting to bug me. Having problems with Firefox and watching any youtube video's, or any embedded video's for that matter. this happens weither I try and watch the embedded video or go directly to the site. I still don't know if the problem is in Firefox's rendering engine or Flash.


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    Try reinstalling the Java Flash player and deleting all the temporary internet files.

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    Thanks shilpa,
    I've tried Reinstalling Firefox, Uninstalling Flash Player and Reinstalling, Disabling adons.. I'm really confused on whats going on and wondering if anyone knows what my problem may be.

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    Just use Internet explorer or u can try reinstall and different beta of firefox
    try using firefox in safe mode.
    start>> all programs>> mozilla firefox>> mozilla firefox (safe mode)

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    I wonder if it's something like when when your cache reaches it's preset max of hdd space usage it can cause problems. I know in this case cache isn't involved but something to that effect maybe? I assume all your drivers are up to date. Even the ones that seem irrelevant. No heat issues? Maybe even double check the ram and video card are seating as they should be, and everything is plugged in?

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    Guys I will try to boot in safe mode & see what happens!
    I dont think there is any head related issue! Will check my ram & video card!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shilpa View Post
    Try reinstalling the Java Flash player and deleting all the temporary internet files.
    You can do this which is highly recommended if you love Firefox, or you could just get a different browser from SycloSoft. Also, try giving Internet Explorer 8 a try.

    (This happened to me before. Also try updating your Firefox version, because Mozilla came out with another version last month.)

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