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Thread: gOS 3 available in beta

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    gOS 3 available in beta

    If you use Google's services, do swear by free software and admire the look of Mac OS X, then look no further, gOS is for you! Developed by the California firm Good OS LLC, the operating system is based on Ubuntu, a distribution of Linux-oriented general public and GNOME desktop environment and a graphic. On 6 August this year, the company announced the release of gOS 3.0 beta.

    GOS The system was first circulated in November 2007 on gPC, a computer manufactured cheaply by Everex and sold at Wal-Mart, a large U.S. distribution chain. Thereafter, Everex has launched two other machines, gBook, a laptop and gMini, a small PC similar to the Mac Mini.

    The system was embarking, among other things, shortcuts to popular Google services such as GMail, Google Docs, YouTube or Blogger. For this first draft, graphical environment was based on Enlightenment. In January 2008, the beginnings of gOS beta 2 were rather difficult. It was impossible to access the system administration tools, also the manager of applications to easily uninstall programs had mysteriously disappeared. Finally on April 11 marks the release of gOS V2 called "Rocket". The office environment is now supported by GNOME.

    At the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo 2008, Good OS unveiled gOS 3.0 beta, developed on the distribution Ubuntu 8.04. To attract Windows users, this new version now includes Wine 1.0, allowing an emulator to run some Windows applications directly on a Linux environment. In addition, gOS 3.0 now supports Google Gadgets and helps to create mini web applications using Mozilla Prism.

    Most curious of you may be left tempted by the live CD. In the meantime, here are some screenshots.

    Click on images to view Large size

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    I prefer to share my good use of gOS Fedora ... it seems to me like using Linpus, distro shipped on the Acer Aspire.

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    Based on Ubuntu 8.04 (not 8.03)
    In any case I tested gOS 2 on a Easynote XS, the Closets Bell: P of CloudBook, and it is impossible to install it as it does not detect the hard disk while Ubuntu "normal" is detected.

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