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Thread: Can not install any progrom

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    Can not install any progrom

    New not sure if this is where I should post if not let me know and I will repost. I have a laptop that is over a year old with Vista, had no problems until a few days ago tried to load a software program a print shop and it won't auto start. Not a problem I know how to start but when you walk through all the hoops so to speak and get to the install screen where you see the install eye candy bar, nothing happens. Have tried two other programs and the same thing happens. I have run the virus scan and everything else I have to make sure and the computer is now clean I have checked to make sure that it is running as the system admin. I have had the blue screen show up only when turning on the computer twice in the last month. Anything else I can try?
    Thanks in advance

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    It is always better to reformat once every six month for pc/laptops running faster. If your laptop is giving BSOD's then I think that you need to reinstall the OS asap.

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