We are using MSP 2007 with Project Server 2007 and PWA on Sharepoint.

Within MSP, I have created a simple Custom field with Graphical indicators. The formula calculates how the cost (actual + remaining) of each task is doing against the Baseline cost:

For TASK; Type = number

Switch([Baseline Cost]/([Actual Cost]+[Remaining Cost])=1;0;[Baseline Cost]/([Actual Cost]+[Remaining Cost])<1;2;[Baseline Cost]/([Actual Cost]+[Remaining Cost])>1;1)

Value 0 = neutral smiley face icon;
Value 1 = sad smiley face icon
Value 2 = happy smiley face icon

Since the formula worked fine in MSP, I added the field to Enterprise and it works fine in my task views in PWA (sharepoint).

Now I wanted to use the same formula for my Project summary views in PWA, but I don’t manage to do so.

In MSP, I can’t create or customize PROJECT fields…., so that option of first crating the formula in MSP and then adding to Enterprise is not possible.

So I created an Enterprise Custom field directly through PWA:

I used the same formula as above and also didn’t get a syntax warning.

However, when I added the new Custom filed to my Project status view in PWA, nothing shows…

I have published a couple of projects, but still nothing.

When I view this Enterprise Custom filed within MSP, I get an ERROR message in the fields…

Can anybody let me know what I might have done wrong?

My purpose is to show a simple Cost warning with graphic indicator in the PWA Project Center.