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Change Local User Profile path after domain change

Windows Server Help

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Old 11-09-2007
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Change Local User Profile path after domain change

Hi, I wonder if anybody could help me. I've recently built a new server to
replace an old Domain Controller (ROSEWOODSOLUIO) with a new one (RSNET). My
plan was then to migrate the machines one at a time manually as there are
only 5 or 6.

The installation all worked fine, so I created an account for myself in the
new domain (RSNET\ptumelty) and started to move machines over.

The first machine to move over was my development workstation which is a
Vista box. I was able to join the domain, but Vista created a new profile for
the new domain user RSNET\ptumelty, it used the path c:\users\ptumelty.rsnet,
presumably because c:\users\ptumelty was already there.

The old profile has all of my files and settings. Is there an easy way for
me to make vista use the old profile (c:\users\ptumelty) instead of the new
one (c:\users\ptumelty.rsnet) when i log in with the new account?

I tried a registry hack involving the ProfileList key in Local
Machine\Software\Windows NT\Current Version\ but when I try to log in, it
just logs straight back out. I thought this might be a permissions problem,
so gave full access to the appropriate directories but it didnt help. If I go
to Properties on My Computer and then User Profiles, the options to copy
profiles are greyed out and the account profiles in the old domain show as
Unknown Account.

If anybody has any help, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Paul.

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