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Thread: copy shares and share info using Robocopy?

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    Jeff Guest

    copy shares and share info using Robocopy?


    I'm trying to copy 222 user home directories from one Windows 2003
    Server to another.
    Everything worked great, except the share names and actual sharing did
    not copy over. I really, really, really don't want to sit there and
    re-share 222 folders manually.

    Did I miss something? I thought I read that Robocopy can copy the
    share information as well, but I don't see it in any of the commands
    and I can't get it to work.

    Thank You!!!!!!

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    Robert L [MVP - Networking] Guest
    robocopy does not copy the shares, only the NTFS permissions.

    How toHow to use Robocopy to set permission without copying any files. The Robocopy utility included in the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit and the Windows 2000 ...

    It might be worth looking into DFSR

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    Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] Guest

    Re: copy shares and share info using Robocopy?

    Veering slightly off topic, I suggest you stop sharing individual home
    directories; that technique is a holdover from the past. Win2k/XP/Vista
    clients are perfectly capable of mapping a drive letter to a subfolder under
    a share. I share the parent folder as HOME$ (to keep it hidden from
    browsing) and specify \\server\HOME$\%username% in each user's home
    directory properties.

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    mmarting Guest

    RE: copy shares and share info using Robocopy?

    after copy the info, you can try to export the registry folder -->

    from the original server to the target server. Remember that if you copy the
    info to the target server on another path (ex: Z:\ --> Y:\) You need to
    modify the export registry file with the new path. Good Luck.

    P.D: Sorry for my english.

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    Re: copy shares and share info using Robocopy?

    I found the nice software CopyRight2 from a company called Sys-Manage. It copied all my shares including NTFS file permissions to our new server without any problems.

    You can find some more information on their web site

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