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Thread: could not start the cluster service on node 2

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    Rami Khatib Guest

    could not start the cluster service on node 2

    Dear ,

    I have a win 2003 R2 and Exchange 2003 SP2 clustered.

    node 1 is working good, but node 2 has a problem, the cluster service could
    not start. and when I tried to start it a pop up message appears " could not
    start the cluster service service on local computer. Error 1067: The process
    terminated unexpectedly.

    and from Cluster administrator " An error occurred attempting to start the
    cluster service on node mail2. The Process terminated unexpectedly. Error
    ID:- 2147023829 (8007042b). "

    plz need a help... thx in advance.

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    Mark Guest
    On the node that the cluster service will not start on look in C:\Documents
    and Settings\clusterserviceaccount\Local Settings\Temp\ where
    clusterserviceaccount is the account that the cluster service runs under. If
    there are are thousands of .tmp files in this folder it may be preventing the
    cluster service from starting.
    I had a similiar problem, after deleting the .tmp files the service started

    Generally, its a problem with authenticatin or authorization for the cluster
    service account. Try manually recreating the account.

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    We have been having this issue and found the following fix/workaround to be successful.

    Go To Regedit -> HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\LSA

    and change to " 2 " if it is set to 1

    if lmcompatibilitylevel is set to "1"..... the change to "2" allows the service to start correctly.

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    Re: could not start the cluster service on node 2

    specifically which value i should change at the given path


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    Re: could not start the cluster service on node 2

    Temp files cleared as well as registry value also changed but node 1 cluster service is working fine while node 2 cluster service provides error 1067 Unexpectedly termindated

    Could not start the Cluster Service on 'xxx'
    > Error 1067: The Process terminated unexpectedly

    pl. help me for this

    thanks to all

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