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Thread: move cluster resource using the command line cluster.exe

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    faf1967 Guest

    move cluster resource using the command line cluster.exe

    I have a 2 node test cluster and want to try to move a resource using the
    command line. If you look at MS help and support center it says to run
    cluster [[/cluster:]ClusterName] res[ource] ResourceName /Option The
    /move[to]:Group Moves the resource to a different group option does not work.
    My cluster name is DEVTEST and I have 2 nodes test1 and test2. I have 2
    groups cluster group (on node test1) and print group (on node test2). I would
    like to be able to move the print group to the test2 node using the command
    line. Does anyone know if this is possible?

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    John Toner [MVP] Guest

    Re: move cluster resource using the command line cluster.exe

    The command you are issuing is for moving a resource between groups. What
    you're looking for would be the following command:

    cluster group "GROUPNAME" /move

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    faf1967 Guest
    Thanks for your response. I want to make sure I have the command correct. If
    I want to move cluster group on test1 node to test2 node I would use the

    cluster group "cluster group" /move test2

    this is the error I get when I run the command
    C:\>cluster /cluster:devtestclust group "R1 Print" /moveto:test01
    Moving resource group 'R1 Print'...
    System error 5042 has occurred (0x000013b2).
    The cluster node was not found.

    C:\>cluster group "R1 Print" /moveto:test01
    Moving resource group 'R1 Print'...
    System error 5042 has occurred (0x000013b2).
    The cluster node was not found.

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    John Toner [MVP] Guest

    As you have a 2 node cluster, you do not have to use the /moveto option.
    As you only have 2 nodes, when moving it will default to the other node

    Use the command with the /move option, and do not specify the node name.

    you do not need to specify the nodename. Also, you
    previously stated that the nodes were named "test1 & test2" yet your command
    used "test01". Do you have the nodename correct? The command should work if
    you're using the correct cluster nodenames.

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    faf1967 Guest
    The names are correct. I must have fat fingered it when I did my post.

    This is a test cluster. My actual production cluster has 8 nodes. If I want
    to take a resource and move it to a specific node will i need to include the
    node name?

    Sorry, about the confusion but I am new to clustering. I know about the GUI
    but I am one of those people who like using the command line as much as

    This is what I have.
    I have a 2 node cluster for testing only. (Testclust1 and testclust2 to make
    it simple) I also have an 8 node cluster in production. The 8 node production
    cluster has the following: Call them prod1, prod 2, prod 3, prod 4, prod 5,
    prod 6, prod 7, prod 8. I have 12 groups has 4 profile groups, 4 print groups
    and 4 file groups. Call them profile1, profile2, profile3¸and profile 4….
    Print 1, Print 2, Print 3, and Print 4… file 1, file 2, file 3, and file 4.
    Inside each group I have the resources.

    This is what I am trying to do. Let’s say print1 group is located on prod1
    and I want to move it to prod8 due to maintenance.
    Is the command:
    Cluster group “print1” /move prod8


    Cluster group “print1” /moveto prod8

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    John Toner [MVP] Guest
    These commands should work on a 2-node cluster if you've got the names

    Just to clarify, you should be attempting to move "Groups" to other nodes
    and not "Resources". Moving resources will move the resource from one group
    to another. Moving a group will move all the resources in that group from
    one node to another.

    Oh and if you can't figure out the command line, you could always use the
    Cluster Administrator GUI. In CluAdmin when you have more than 2-nodes, it
    will list all of the cluster nodes under the "Move Group" option as well as
    listing the "best possible" option.

    The command is:

    cluster group "print1" /moveto:prod8

    The command I gave assumes you are running it on one of the cluster nodes.
    If you wish to run the commands against remote clusters, you would need to
    do the following:

    cluster /cluster:CLUSTER-NAME group "print1" /moveto:prod8

    FYI, if you issue a cluster.exe /? command, it should list all of this
    information for you.

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    faf1967 Guest
    Thanks to everyone for there help. I will test it out and post the results.
    Also thank you for taking your time with me. I am still in the learning curve.

    One other question that I thought of...

    We have multiple clusters in our environment. Do I need to run this command
    on one of the servers in the cluster (where I plan to move the resource) or
    can I run it from my local PC?

    I finally got it to work. Thanks for your help. this will be very helpful
    when moving resources. i will be able to schedule task and move resources
    now. I will also be able to gather information about the cluster be able to
    track it a lot easier.

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    Re: move cluster resource using the command line cluster.exe

    I have question on same page. How do i move all group in one go to other node? As we know in Sun cluster they have scswitch -S we can move all resources. How do we do in MSCS?

    In short, how do i add multiple group name in command line to cluster group?

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