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Thread: Extending partition diskpart.exe

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    Extending partition diskpart.exe

    PowerEdge 4600
    Perc3/Di Raid 5
    Windows 2000 server

    All bios/firmware/OS patches up-to-date as of 4/22/2006

    Configuration was 3 hard drives divided into 1)Dell Utility primary
    partition, 2)primary partition C Drive, 3)extended partition with 3 logical
    drives. Added 5 hard drives of the same size as the original drives.
    Successfully used OpenManage Array Manager to add 4 of the new drives to the
    Raid 5 array and reserve one as a hot spare.

    OpenManage Array Manager shows the new space as unallocated after the
    extended partition. Dell tech support told me to use Microsoft’s
    diskpart.exe to add the unallocated space to the extended partition.

    Diskpart will not run and I get the following error. “The disk management
    services could not complete the operation.” I found MS kb327020 which
    indicates this error can occur after adding new disks to a RAID Array with a
    dynamic disk. All my disks are basic and never have been dynamic. The KB
    article also says the issue is fixed with the latest service pack. I
    checked my dates on the fix files listed in the article and they are both

    This server hosts our ERP and other business critical apps. I do not want
    to wipe out and reinstall even the extended partition if at all possible.

    Anyone have any idea how to get diskpart.exe working?

    Any idea why Dell tech support told me to use diskpart.exe instead of the
    Dell utility extpart.exe?



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    Re: Extending partition diskpart.exe

    My understanding of Diskpart.exe: It will only allow you to expand a Dynamic disk that is not a boot partition. If it is basic you can convert it to dynamic and reboot but it still cannot contain an OS, using Extpart.exe from Dell is a great alternative for this task. NB: you may need to run Extpart in safe mode to get it to work.

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