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Thread: Server Storage Solution for Windows SBS

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    Server Storage Solution for Windows SBS

    I had gone with a test servers support where I need to provide a server storage solution for office which as around 50+ workstations. They work on a kind of data hogging app which needs better storage solution. Now the client is ready to invest nicely on this. I recommend to with SBS server + attached NAS. But before giving any final confirmation I need more idea on what storage solution are available right now. It is much better if everything is hooked up. What you called a branded system. I do not want to go piece by piece and build up everything. A ready to use solution is much better.

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    Re: Server Storage Solution for Windows SBS

    The best thing is to contact Dell or Hp for that. They provide dedicated server storage hardware. There are number of things you can try here other than NAS. What matters the most is data reliability. I found Dell more better here. They had divided the storage hardware on the basis of requirement. So you are not simply forced to buy the most complicated hardware here.

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    Re: Server Storage Solution for Windows SBS

    I found a good article on that which is posted recently and hope it can put more highlight on your need. It is necessary to figure out the size of your network if you are going to speed a good amount on network storage. There are various kind of devices which come under this list, like tape storage, or nas or san. Whatever depends on your requirement you can go for that. I too prefer to check Dell & Hp to find the right information on storage type you need actually.
    Types of Server Storage Solution

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