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Thread: Windows Batch script to read file

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    Windows Batch script to read file

    Hi Experts,

    I have a requirement to read a text file line by line which will be like -


    Once i read the First line, I need to parse the line and get the value of all 3 comma seperated columns, On the basis of first value I Need to call SQLPLUS to execute script ABC. once this is done i need to read second line and so on.


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    Re: Windows Batch script to read file

    Hello first of all sorry for late reply but I donít think that it is possible to do this kind of thing in a Batch file, but yes it has an alternative you can do this very easily by using AutoHotkey which is a freeware. Where it can be essentially to use FileReadLine command and a FileAppend command which can help you out. And even you can use VBScript to solve your problem. If you insist on using a batch file, you should be able to integrate the batch file to call a VB script if needed.

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