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Thread: disable reboot in windows server 2008 r2

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    disable reboot in windows server 2008 r2


    i an RDP use windows server 2008 r2
    i have 5 administrator in this rdp
    but i have a problem
    some administrator is reboot the rdp becouse update or some software need a reboot to run
    but when the rdp is reboot all my program and stuff stop running and i need it to be run 24/24

    i remove reboot and shut down icon from start menus
    and i disable automatique reboot when update are installed
    But with this the rdp is still rebooting !
    so i need a solution that any administator or user never can reboot the rdp .
    thanx you

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    Re: disable reboot in windows server 2008 r2

    This can be done via Group Policy. You can permanently disable reboot through it. The reboot is working still because of privileges provided in gpo. I think you must first check the privileges provided to the admin accounts. One by one you can verify which account has access to reboot the system.

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