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Thread: Poor application performance on windows server

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    Poor application performance on windows server

    In my windows server the application are running 10 times slower on a server by means of additional ram and processor than the test server. The servers are the similar expostulate for the number of cores and RAM. In addition, the test box is SP0 and the additional is SP1. It had position ups: 8 core, 16GBRam SP0 Win 2K8 R2 32 core, 196GB Ram SP1 Win 2K8 R2 < - It is the method slower on this one. The submission is 32bit working with in a 64bit environment. Need help in how can I improve the performance on windows server.

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    Re: Poor application performance on windows server

    Initially you necessitate to narrow it down where your issue lies. The fundamental performance monitoring be supposed to be aid you in determining if there is a hardware consanguine latency. If there is no hardware latency, then it be able to assist to narrow down in which direction. If you observe no signs of performance problems commencing from performance monitor, you be able to dig down in the dissimilar layers of the application.

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    Re: Poor application performance on windows server

    I have encompassed a simple application with the intention of listens for TCP correlations on a specific port and generates an innovative thread to handle each Correlation. The app is written in C#.NET 4.0 and utilizes the TCPListener object to handle the underlying socket Correlations. I in addition have comprised a simple load testing tool to facilitate which generates a TCP connection to my service and then disconnects. I be able to set it to send thousands of requests the entire at the similar time.

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    Re: Poor application performance on windows server

    The Windows event logs demonstrate not matter what. My tcp server app logs correlations and it just presently stops logging them subsequent to so numerous random number which tells me the failures by no means acquire to my app. Something previous to the app is stopping them. I thought it might be MaxUserPort setting additional than I had alternated it and it twisted out to not work. As for the app being rewritten, there is no matter what to rewrite. It is the majority basic app and does not do anything additional than accepting a connection.

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    Re: Poor application performance on windows server

    When I run my WPF app locally or in excess of a remote desktop correlation (Windows 7 x64), the submission works smoothly through no performance problem. When I deploy the similar WPF application to a MS 2008 Server R1 as a RemoteApp, the presentation degrades dramatically. The app becomes extremely sluggish and lags by means of each keystroke. Each action takes 10 to 30 seconds. Through out the freezes/slow down period, the CPU usage of the procedure working with on the server spikes and pin the core.

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