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Thread: OWA not working - Exchange 2003

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    OWA not working - Exchange 2003

    Hi all,

    We are experiencing problems logging on to our OWA website.
    When you go to the page, the logon screen appears, you type in your credentials, it starts loading and then IE displays the "HTTP 500 internal server error" message.
    Everytime when I try this, the application log of the server displays following message : DAVEX to be shutdown. Version: 6.5.7654.12 (event ID 101)

    I tried it from different clients, inside and outside the LAN, even from the server itself, nothing works. Rebooting the Exchange server did not work either.
    Also tried a lot of solutions I found online, like recreating the virtual directories or clearing the IIS Temporary Compressed Files folder, but no solution yet. Funny thing is, it worked for a brief period during my troubleshoot process, but stopped working again. And I can't get it back running. Very frustrating!

    The server operates on SBS 2003 SP2 with Exchange 2003 SP2 (build 7638.2). What strikes me is the difference in build number compared to the Davex dll. Could this maybe cause the problem? I tried searching for a same version on the server, but found nothing.

    All help and hopefully a solution for this issue would be extremely appreciated.

    Greetings and thanks in advance,


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    Re: OWA not working - Exchange 2003

    Also tried like almost everything mentioned in this topic : URGENT OWA returning HTTP 500 error

    Another thing that I noticed:

    When I look in the IIS Temporary Compressed Files folder, I only see files with version 6.5.7651.60 in the file name.
    This is yet another version number than Davex and the Exchange build number (watch first post).

    Is this normal?

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    Re: OWA not working - Exchange 2003

    You will have to uninstall the IIS as stated in the microsoft support article and reinstall the IIS then restarted the server then reinstall the exchange 2003 server with service pack2. When we check the OWA from the client machine the page cannot display on the IE. By the way are all the services running on the server? Are you using SSL? If so, have you reinstalled the SSL certificate correctly? Do you get prompted for authentication when you try accessing OWA? What happens when you go to http://servername??

    Try the fix given here as well -

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    Re: OWA not working - Exchange 2003

    Allright cool, after recreating the virtual directories I can access OWA again. But there's still a little problem :

    When I access the site from within the network with http, everything is ok.
    If I try to access the site with https (from internal), it also seems to be working but I get an error about the certificate not being valid.
    When I retry, I get the HTTP 500 error again, also when I try to access the site with http. If I restart IIS, it's working again.

    You think if I install a new and valid certificate things will keep working?


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