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Thread: How to create Reverse Lookup Zones in Windows Server 2008

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    How to create Reverse Lookup Zones in Windows Server 2008

    I would like to tell you how to create the reverse lookup zone. This is often what repels most administrators of DNS servers because they do not really know what to specify the network level to indicate. So create a new primary zone, configure its settings update as usual, once at the screen asking you to enter the IPv6 network in the area concerned. Normally your ISP has assigned an IPv6 prefix of variable size from 3 to 64 bits (though the principles remain effective and subnetting mask size may be greater for large networks that would have been "cut"). If you do not have a network of gargantuan size I suggest you create a zone for IPv6, why in the input field "IPv6 address prefix" enter the prefix you gave your ISP, followed by:: (which actually serve to automatically fill in the missing bits with 0 in IPv6 notation) followed by / netmask (knowing that the mask is actually the number of bits to 1 to mean, bit-level network ID).

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    Re: How to create Reverse Lookup Zones in Windows Server 2008

    To explain in more detail the concept of the mask and its notation: Simply take the number of groups (2octets) separated by colons as you noted in the prefix. Multiply by 16 and you get the mask. Namely, the mask in this interface can be little more than the prefix of your network. Example: If you enter a prefix of 64 bits, the mask must be at least 64 bits. You are completely free of the accuracy of your mask (you must not only exceed / 64 if you still want to take advantage of autoconf). For example you can specify a mask to the group near or close to the bit. Do not forget that each letter is equivalent to 4 bits, and zeros 'simplified' remain significant. For large networks, as in IPv4 you can cut your reverse lookup zones for greater performance by varying the length of the mask. (VLSM) To inform local IP addresses and create a reverse lookup zone local here to enter the prefix fe80:: / 64.

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    Re: How to create Reverse Lookup Zones in Windows Server 2008

    Through the various parts of this article, we were able to understand and quickly implement IPv6 in our infrastructure, and specifically on our DNS server. I would also suggest to check the DNS and IPv6 in Windows Server 2008. Their you will know about the basics of IPv6, then you saw the latest IPv6 DNS and finally through an example you saw how to configure the server and set up zones and records concerned. Note, as with IPv4, it is quite possible to establish zones of secondary types, stub, or manage the storage, use and update your records as you see fit. "96 More Bits, No Magic. Indeed, there is "only" 96 bits again, no magic ..

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