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Disconnected Network Drive - Zombie Drive?

Windows Server Help

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Old 15-10-2004
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Disconnected Network Drive - Zombie Drive?

Within an Lotus Notes application I use a shell script which just map a drive
and delete these mapping after use. It looks like;
net use I: \\<server>\<share> <psw> /USER:<user>
net use I: /delete
It's running at a Windows 2003 machine.
Now, if the app runs a 2nd time I get an error;
"System error 85 has occured
The local device name is already in use"
If I type in the commands at the command prompt I get the same error.
If I try to delete the mapping with net use I: /delete I get "The network
connection could not be found".
If I use net use within the command, there isn't no mapped drive with the
letter I:!
If I look at the explorer there I see the "Disconnected Network Drive (I:)".
Right click and "Disconnect" produce an error prompt "The network connection
could not be found"!
If I doubleclick this (zombie) drive, the explorer shows the share?!

I grazed the web for any solution. But there are just a lot of people with
the same problem and nowhere is an answer. It isn't a solution for me to
reboot this productive server just for get rid of these zombie drives.

Thanks for help

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Old 22-10-2004
Mike [MSFT]
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Re: Disconnected Network Drive - Zombie Drive?

Some things you might try:
Using 'if exist' to check or the presence of the mapped drive and using the
/y argument to force it to close the mapped drive.
For example:
if exist I: net use I: /d /y

Also, add the /persistent:no switch to the net use command, so it won't try
to reconnect the mapped drive at the next logon:
net use I: \\server\share /u:server\user password /persistent:no

If it happens again, try typing just:
net use I:
and see what the status of the mapped drive is.

If that doesn't work, try:
and see if the I: drive has somehow been associated to another path
if it is, use: subst I: /d
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Old 27-11-2007
Join Date: Nov 2007
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Zombie drives

You may want to check to see if you have offline folders enabled. If they are you will not be able to delete that mapping.
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Old 03-01-2008
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Location: Detroit, MI, United States of America
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That Worked!

Disabling "Offline Folders" did the trick. Thanks very much. I was running out of drive letters to use for mapping network drives.

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