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Thread: Windows 2008 cluster issue

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    William Guest

    Windows 2008 cluster issue

    I am trying to set up windows 2008 2-node cluster. The cluster validation
    test went successful. But when I try to create the cluster by add one of the
    node, it gave me an error saying "computer is joined to a cluster". Anyone
    has this problem and know how to solve this issue. Thanks,

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    Ryan Sokolowski [MVP] Guest

    Re: Windows 2008 cluster issue

    Have you tried the "Manage Cluster" link to see what is returned?

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    William Guest
    When I tried "manage cluster", it asked me "Select a cluster to manage" .
    Since I have not create one yet, I just use the server name, it returned -
    the action "manage Custer" did not complete. The cluster database on
    "Server Name" is corrupted or missing.

    Is cluster service present in services.msc?

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    William Guest

    Re: Windows 2008 cluster issue

    I remove the failover clustering feature from both servers, reboot and
    reinstalled failover clustering feature. Now everything seems to work now. I
    can create the cluster now. Thanks for all the help.

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    Englund Guest

    Re: Windows 2008 cluster issue

    Ran into this same issue. Solution was to make sure that the "Cluster" service was set to "Disabled" and not running within the MS Services Console. No removing or adding software or server restarts were necessary for me on this one. (thankfully :-)

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