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Thread: SATA drivers for Windows Server 2003

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    Ven Guest

    SATA drivers for Windows Server 2003

    Hi! All,
    I have a situation here. I wanted to install the Windows Server 2003
    Enterprise edition on a DELL Optiplex 755 with an 80 GB SATA drive.

    A couple of minutes into the installation I get the blue screen "
    0X0000007B(0XF789E63C,0XC0000034,0X00000000,0X00000000) asking me to
    "chkdsk" the hard drive.

    After searching the Internet I get to know that Win Server 2003 doesnt
    provide the SATA drivers. I checked with DELL and they say they cannot help
    as I am changing the default O.S of Optiplex.

    the Intel chipset is "Intel NH82801 I0" and I dont find the chipset on the
    Intel website. Nor could I find the drivers elsewhere.

    I am missing something here - surely I dont know how to go about it the
    right way.

    Can anybody guide me on how to go about it. Plus I dont have a floppy
    drive - can I use an external USB floppy drive to install the drivers if I
    find them?

    Pl advice.
    Thank you

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    SF Guest

    Re: SATA drivers for Windows Server 2003

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    Ven Guest
    there are no drivers for Windows server 2003.
    From the drop down it only shows for vista and xp.

    Most XP drivers will work in Server 2003 since they use a common code
    base. (Similarly most Vista drivers work on Server 2008). Have you tried the
    XP driver?

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    Hank Arnold (MVP) Guest

    Re: SATA drivers for Windows Server 2003

    There won't be, since they probably won't support a server OS on an
    Optiplex.... Try the XP drivers since 2003 is XP based (BTW, 2008 is
    Vista based).....

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    Ven Guest
    Yes I downlaoded the XP drivers and since I dont have a floppy drive for my
    machine and I dont have an external usb floppy drive - I was wondering on
    including the SATA drivers onto the Windows Server 2003 CD - so it will take
    the drivers directly during the installation. I found a procedure on the
    internet for the WinXP installation

    trying to do the same for the Win 2003.

    what's your status on that - I'm having exactly the same issue.
    Did the workaround described at

    See "How to install W2K3 server on a floppyless server"

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    Found the source for Opti 755 SATA Drivers

    Don't know if anyone is still having this problem but I found functioning drivers for most of the OS's at:

    You just select the OS and then select the second download option which is the floppy based files needed for the OS to load. One additional note that took a bit to find. Select "ICH9R/DO/DH SATA AHCI Controller" from the list of options. That is the one that works for the Optiplex 755.

    Hope this helps someone.


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    Anthony Jones Guest

    SATA drivers for Windows Server 2003

    You can also goto the BIOS on the Optiplex 755 and change the RAID setting for the SATA drive from AHCI/AutoDetect to ATA/AutoDetect. I did this and this stopped the blue screen of death (BSOD) I kept encountering when trying to install Windows 2003 OS versus Vista/Windows 2008. I hope this helps.

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    Re: SATA drivers for Windows Server 2003

    Thank you for the info. Your suggested bios change worked perfect for me, and save me significant time!!

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