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Thread: Virus protection turned off

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    Virus protection turned off

    I ma having Windows XP installed on my computer and I am getting a messahe from the security center that the virus protection is turned off and it should be turned back on which is what it is giving me. Can anyone tell me how do I do that? Thanks

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    We will not be able to give you a proper response until you tell us which antivirus software you are using. Actually, the security center gets disabled when a third party antivirus is installed in your computer.

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    Re: Virus protection turned off

    I am using Norton antivirus. I have tried disabling Norton but even after that I am getting the same message that Windows Security is turned off.

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    First of all, can you tell us which Service Pack version you are using on you windows xp machine? Which version of Norton antivirus is it and have you tried to upgrade from some earlier version of Norton software? Are you able to run the Live Update manually? After Norton antivirus was installed on your computer then have you tried to accept the prompt to make the Norton Security Center as default, which means, in place of the Windows Security Center? Are you able to enter Control Panel and then Windows Security Center?

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