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Thread: error code 0x80070422

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    error code 0x80070422

    This is windows XP computer and ma facing a small problem with windows updates. The icon in the system tray says that my Windows Update is disabled though it is enabled. I checked it twice. Later I thought to update windows defender but that to ended up with an error code 0x80070422.

    Few people said that my system has got some virus or malware, but I scanned my system twice with Mcafee and registry patrol, they didnít found anything.

    Can anyone here help me out please?

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    Re: error code 0x80070422

    The error code 0x80070422 describes that required service has not been started or is disabled. Did you try installing Windows Defenders manually? If not try doing it using the instructions provided at this KB

    Also there is Microsoft Article related to error 0x80070422. You should check it here:

    hope you get some help

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