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Thread: What's the best antivirus for XP?

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    What's the best antivirus for XP?

    I am looking for a good antivirus for my XP system. I had used Norton so please do not recommend that. It makes the system very slow. The XP system is used as default mailbox at my workplace. I am using Outlook Express on that and there are multiple accounts configured on the same. All mails are downloaded on it at a regular time interval. The pst folder is shared on the network and all people can view the same. Now Norton makes the system very slow. I need a good antivirus which must be better from performance point of view.

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    Why don't you try AVG. There is a free as well as a paid edition available on the web. You can start with free edition and see whether it works fine or not. If it is then you can upgrade to pro edition. I am using this on my laptop. I had just recently upgraded my system and found it is better. It is quiet light compared to other antivirus. Norton is recommended for systems which are having ram higher than 1GB. It is a resource intensive, but powerful antivirus software.

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    AVG is good for personal usage. For work place you need antivirus which can offer you more features. I am using NOD32 here. I found is really effective. It is a nice antivirus which comes with some additional feature and it is also very light in use. Antivirus varies in features based on different editions and usage. You can go with what you want.

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    I too found Norton as resource intensive. Better buy McAfee. It is another good antivirus. One thing you can do is download trial edition of all antivirus available in the market. Test them one by one. It is not possible in one day to find which antivirus is best. You have to test each of them for atleast a week. And the one which suits your need you can upgraded to paid version. I am using McAfee and malwarebytes.

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    Re: What's the best antivirus for XP?

    There are ample of antivirus software available on web. One of them is AVAST. I am using it almost for a year now and found it really very effective. It is not at all complicated to install it. It offers a free edition which can give you a basic idea of using the same. Also I agree that AVG is one the best. It is quiet light and available for free also.

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    Re: What's the best antivirus for XP?

    I had build up a gaming computer recently. I had purchased some set of DVD files. When I insert them the autoplay showed up on the screen. I am using QuickHeal antivirus. It detects the autorun file as threat and had blocked it. As the DVD is original, it is weird to find that the autorun is detected as a threat. Anyhow I had run the setup of game and it works quiet fine.
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    Go with Comodo. It is a nice antivirus that comes with firewall and some additional feature. I found it quiet light in usage. You need protection mostly from online threat and those who use many new software needs a good antivirus which is capable of detecting malware and virus infection. There are chances that you land upon a trouble when your antivirus failed to locate a threat.

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